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Roland Builder and Charity Water

In 2023 4 Piped System Tap Stands were completed in the Country of Madagascar. Thanks to Charity Water, Roland Builder was able to provide clean drinking water to over 200 people in these communities.

Here is the feedback from the Program Manager regarding the drinking water systems.

Thanks to the water projects
they’ve implemented in the Miandrivazo District, life has completely changed for women like
Felanirina. She shared, “Fetching water has always been the responsibility of women. It was a
painful daily chore for all of us. Cases of diarrhea [were] frequent in the village, especially among
children. Now that we have this tap stand nearby, our daily life has changed a lot. We have more
time to take care of our children and laundry. The water tastes better, and we drink it without fear
of getting a stomach ache!”

As a Water Programs Manager at charity: water, I am honored to oversee our partnerships,
implementation strategies, and commitments in Madagascar. I am equally honored to have a frontrow
seat to the life-changing impact of generosity like yours. Your kindness is rewriting stories for
people like Felanirina, and I can’t say thank you enough.