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Rightsize without Compromise

You awaken to the beautiful bright sunlight, reflecting off the foot of fresh snow that blankets the ground. As you take in this gorgeous sight you realize it means shoveling after your coffee if you plan to go anywhere. You roll out of bed, wander along the drafty hallway, and make your way down a flight of stairs to the kitchen you have considered remodeling. You love your home, once filled with the sounds of your children laughing, playing and typical family chaos. However, this morning it just feels a little emptier and different than it once did. As you sip your coffee in anticipation for the day ahead, you find yourself picturing what life could be like in a home more suited to this stage of your life.

Here at Roland Builder, we call this “Rightsizing.” We focus on customizing your home without compromising style, comfort, quality, or luxury amenities. We build a home that provides a care-free lifestyle so you can enjoy your new home, not work on it. Our Garden Home communities include lawn mowing and snow removal as part of the HOA

We recognize that making the decision to Rightsize and building a new home can be one of the most momentous events in a person’s lifetime. Most people who set out on the journey know extraordinarily little about the process or what to expect.

Some of the most common concerns we hear include:
   1. Building seems so overwhelming and there are too many decisions to make.
   2. My furniture would never work in this style home. We would need new furniture.
   3. I have years’ worth of “treasures” to consider and do not know what to do with it all.
   4. How and when should I sell my home if I do not want to move twice?
   5. What would be our best financing options?

Life’s Transitions, “Five steps to Rightsizing” workshop, is our resolution to helping those stuck in that daunting place of “What should we do”? Roland Builder has collaborated with a Team of Professionals in Real Estate, Banking, Home Organization, and Interior Design, to develop an informational program to help answer your questions. It is a casual no pressure environment hosted in one of our Roland built homes. You can have the opportunity to meet others in similar situations, gather valuable information, win a door prize, enjoy light refreshments, and take home a swag bag.

Sign up today to join us for an eye-opening workshop and see how working with our Team will make your decision to “Rightsize” one that you can do with Confidence!